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Mirror, Mirror: Mini Market

A few weeks ago Liz and I put on our fancy pants and attended the opening for Mini Market in San Francisco. Check out the outfits after the jump!

Liz’s Outfit:
Earrings: Vintage Chanel, The Goods!
Necklace: Custom Name Plate, Lucky Phoenix
Top: Vintage Silk Tank
Bracelets: Vintage Bakelite and Lucite, The Goods!
Pants: Vintage “Bojo” B.B.D. pants, The Goods!
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: DKNY
Bag: Vintage 70’s “CHIC” magazine purse, The Goods!

Gabriella’s Outfit:
Earrings: Custom Bamboo Earrings, Lucky Pheonix
Necklace: Custom Nameplate Necklace with Diamonds, Gift from Grandparents for my Sweet 16
Top: Skinny Fit Polo, Polo Ralph Lauren
Pants: Custom Plaid High-Waisted Pants, Made by my Grandmother as part of a suit
Belt: Chain Belt with Charms, Chanel
Bracelets: Gold Bangles, Santee Alley
Ring: Paloma Picasso Zig-Zag Ring, Tiffany
Shoes: Vintage Crocodile Pumps, The Goods!
Jacket: Leather Bomber, Keednim *Seen before
Bag: Tote, Longchamp *Seen before

All photos by OHW2007

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2 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: Mini Market”

  1. j.e.w.e.l.s says:

    great job ladies…you’re killin it! i bow down to the custom jewels…

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    thanks for the luv j.e.w.e.l.s!


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