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Mirror, Mirror: Adidas Original Party

Rolled out to the Adidas Original Store in Berkeley a couple of weeks ago. Hottub rocked the party hard, see the action here. We rolled 3 deep and decided to all rock out Mama joints!

See head, shoulders, knees and toes after the jump!

Attention to details:

Eyeglasses: Vintage (for my failing vision, not just for looks)

Earrings: “Marie” and “Elizabeth” Bamboos NYC Jewelers Special (Marie-Elizabeth, my real first name)

T-Shirt: Vintage, The Goods!

Safety Pins: Comme des Garcon

Necklace: NYC Jewelers Special

Sweater: Vintage Ferragamo, The Goods!

Bracelet: Chanel

Bags: Vintage 80’s plastic tote, Vintage MCM clutch, Vintage Gucci Make-up Bag, all The Goods!

Leggings: Vintage OMO Norma Kamali, Narnia NYC

Kicks: Mama x Adidas

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One Response to “Mirror, Mirror: Adidas Original Party”

  1. AM says:

    you should post pics of the entire body so we can see what it looks like all put together


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