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Handmade in Brooklyn: Wrecords By Monkey

Seems that people have been focusing a lot on eco friendly things as of late. And rightfully so…what you don’t take care of i.e. Mother Earth, won’t last forever. I had the pleasure of meeting Monkey of Wrecords a couple of weekends ago at The Designers Market in NOLITA here in NYC. First I was attracted to the designs and then found out all his items are made of old records, which was an added bonus…go eco-friendly! Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Off The Train Bracelet Collection

Off the Train

Off the Train is a record bracelet collection released in the summer of 2008. The images range from trains and cityscapes to dripping graffiti and spilling fire hydrants. The collection was inspired by New York City’s J-train, which is surrounded by a wide range of culture, on and off the train. WBM has found, both for work and play, that the J-train has been a stepping-stone in getting them from place to place. The series also features a glow in the dark color scheme that is great for the late night crowd.

Company Overview

WrecordsByMonkey is a Brooklyn-based design company that bridges the worlds of fashion, art and music.  Using reclaimed vinyl records, they create handmade accessories with a low carbon footprint that can be incorporated into anyone’s individual style. Their niche product, the Wrecord bracelet, comes in designs from silly to sophisticated.  WBM’s full line includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and t-shirts, all inspired by the idea of relating to music lovers of every generation.

Wrecords offers a full range of items and collections. See more, read more after the jump!


Founding partners Patrick Chirico and Brian Farrell started WrecordsByMonkey in 2004. Both have degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology—Chirico in fashion design and Farrell in fine arts.

They started making the record bracelets one by one in the hallway of their dorm, hand drawing all of their unique graphics directly on the records. Since then, they’ve come up with a innovative manufacturing process and operate out of their studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where they have hand made over 60,000 record bracelets, and created thousands of designs.

They introduced their record bracelets at NYC markets, which is how they learned their niche product appeals to a wide range of demographics; all ages, cultures and styles. Currently, WrecordsByMonkey sells in over 20 states, in places ranging from art museums and design stores to independent boutiques and larger chains. They also sell in the gift shops of museums such as; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Kansas,  The Chelsea Art Museum NYC, New York

WBM has also done private label work for companies such as MTV and the GRAMMY Brand, creating custom record bracelets, graphic design and unique packaging and displays. They have received press in print, online and TV.  Chirico and Farrell have also spoken at colleges about entrepreneurship and innovative materials, and they  continue to be involved with charitable organizations and philanthropic ventures.  WBM has donated to organizations including the Make A Wish Foundation, LIFEbeat, the S.T.O.K.E.D. Foundation, and Girls equality of Brooklyn.

Classic Patterns Series

WrecordsByMonkye’s Classic Patterns Collection pays homage to the textiles industry. The bracelets come in four designs: lumberjack plaid, shemagh scarf, hounds tooth and toile. It’s offered in four color schemes and the colors stay true to the patterns’ common colors but still have a modern twist.

Bracelets retail anywhere from $15-$60

Classic Patterns Bracelets Collection

Gold, Silver Black Collection

Music is the key

WrecordsByMonkey created a fine jewelry line called Music is the Key, featuring record hearts and dog tags with keyholes, and one and two finger stack rings. The collection also includes records cast in gold or silver and comes on a ball chain so you can hold music close to your heart. To accompany the jewelry are t-shirts and a bracelet collection with a collage of record covers from the past 100 years.

Music is the Key collection, prices range from $90 -$250

Cameos from the Heritage Collection, prices starting at $40 -$160

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is comprised of vinyl record pendants and earrings. The pendants are in the shape of a cameo, an ornate frame, a chandelier and round ornate charms. The earrings come in the shape of a silhouette and 3 different sizes of ornate charms . All of the pieces are offered in 3 different combinations: vinyl record/vinyl record, vinyl record/beige acrylic, and vinyl record/cherry wood.  All of the pendants come on a gunmetal chain to compliment the record.

Pocket Knife and Pendents from the City Life Collection, prices range from $40-$60

City Life Collection

The City Life Collection is comprised of vinyl record pendants, knives, key chains and earrings. All of the pieces have urban inspired images including the New York City skyline and pigeons. The collection also includes Brooklyn text pendant, and a big apple with the Brooklyn bridge cut out in the center and 3 sizes of charms for earrings and key chains. All of the pieces are offered in 3 different combinations: vinyl record/vinyl record, vinyl record/white acrylic, and vinyl record/cherry.  All of the pendants come on a gunmetal chain to compliment the record.

The cameo’s and cityscape pendants are available on the online store for $75.

And it doesn’t stop there. Besides the signature collections, Wrecords has done many private label and collaborations with companies like Bambu, Leroy Jenkins Limited, the GRAMMY brand, MTV,, powerHouse and Bijules. Peep it here! And then there’s the artists series that can be viewed here.

NYC Artist Collection

WrecordsByMonkey released a limited edition collection representing 12 New York City artists including graphic designers, photographers, graffiti artists and fine artists. Fourty-five percent of the profits will go to the artist themselves, and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to art and music programs in Brooklyn schools.

The idea is to support New York City’s current artists as well as to help young artists learn about and flourish in their craft of choice.
Each artist has anywhere from 3-8 designs and they are offered in 4 colors and each bracelet is signed by the artist. Only 25 of each design and color have been produced, and all come in a box with a fold up layout of all 12 artists’ collections. The NYC Artist bracelets are sold in WBM’s online store and exclusive locations in the US.

Artists Featured: 1aeon, Aiko, Antonio Diez, BAST, Bom5, Brian Gilbert, Hero, Kezam, Kristine Virsis, Nick Taylor, Steven Sunderland, and Rock.

Get yours at one of these fine retail locations in the U.S.

A-non-y-mous Los Angeles    CA
Almost Exclusive LLC  Tallahassee    FL
Betty’s Devine   Missoula    MT
Fly Clothing   Ann Arbor     MI
Fuego     Brooklyn    NY
Jacqueline Talbot   San Francisco    CA
Le La Boutique   Milwaukee    WI
Mind Body gifts   Princeton    NJ
MODA    Meridth   Nashville    TN
model Citzen  Salt Lake City     UT
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art  Overland Park    KS
Pin me apparel   Portland    OR
Salon Bella Vita  Tahoe City     CA
Shop Estella LLC   Manchester     NH
Spiritex    d Ashville    NC
The Metro    Arcata    CA
Walker Art Center   Minneapolis    MN
Wild Life Works  San Francisco    CA

or overseas at: KBF and ARC(American rag cie) stores in tokyo.

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    I am a long time lover of WRECORDSBYMONKEY and I think their accessories are really awesome and unique. You should check out their new THE NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTION if you like this.


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