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Cupcakin’ at Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop

Gimme,gimme, yeah!!! I love cupcakes, you gotta be crazy not too!! And how happy was I to experience some cupcakin’ at Lark. I was n L.A. last week and looking for some sweet treat gifts for the shop staff at Squaresville (they did me a solid a couple of months back). A friend suggested Lark and OMG what a perfect suggestion. Of course I had to test them first to make sure they weren’t poisoned. I went for the Lemon White Chocolate:  White cake, lemon curd filling, iced with white chocolate Italian buttercream and decorated with a fondant flower. There is no picture of my cupcake because I wasn’t thinking “oh, I should totally blog about this” as I was stuffing it into my mouth, sorry! But see what I bought for the crew after the jump!

From top Left to right:

Stacey’s Old Fashioned Coconut Cup Cake
Coconut cake, cream cheese icing, topped with coconut shavings, prepared with walnuts to order

Plain Vanilla Cup Cake
White cake topped with vanilla Italian buttercream icing

Red Velvet
Red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, a fondant petal

Black and White Cup Cake
Dark chocolate cake topped with vanilla Italian
buttercream icing

Make sure to satisfy yout sweet tooth if you are in the area OR have some delivered to someone special!

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