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Carrera 2.0

Carrera, the eyewear company whose vintage shades have been sought after and collected, has been relaunched. The brand was re-introducted in Europe in 2007 and now the brand will be coming state-side. Four styles have been updated, come in up to 26 color options and retail for $150. The Carrera sunglasses will be sold in 95 Solstice boutiques and hit stores this Friday! It’s really exciting to see retro brands come back better than ever. It seems like they’ve stayed true to the original aesthetic. I hate when brands we love try to reinvent their look and alienate loyal fans. The ad campaign is weak but thankfully, the glasses are strong enough to hold their own. Check out more styles and an ad after the jump . . .

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4 Responses to “Carrera 2.0”

  1. Rosmary says:

    hi my name is rosmary, im interested in buy two pairs of sunglases and i need to know a place in toronto… to go buy them i want the new models… thank you…

  2. mar says:

    store in vaughan mills beside h&m has them

  3. Zain.K says:

    Hi,i am from Pakistan.The champion series is so cool ! can you please tell me that where can i get these in Karachi ?? Thanx :)

  4. luke says:

    how do I buy sunglasses carerra Champion? I live in jakarta, indonesia.thanks


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