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Calvin’s “Secret Obsession” Is Too Risqué

Calvin Klein is used to causing a ruckus in media – whether it was a 16 year old Brooke Shields proclaiming that nothing came between her and her Calvins, or a very young, nude Kate Moss giving birth to heroin chic. The latest in his misadventures in advertising relate to his newest fragrance Secret Obsession featuring Eva Mendes (read the original post we did here). The controversy lies around the ad campaign and commercial which is apparently too risqué because of a glimpse of a bit of Ms. Mendes’ nipple – gasp!! I’ve always thought the “nipple controversy” was always a bit of a silly one. Men have nipples – they are shirtless all the time. If we just looked at each other as people, rather than making women into sex objects, this maybe wouldn’t be a big deal and we’d just see it as another part of anatomy. It’s a bit sad because the commercial is actually very tasteful and not at all in poor taste or pornographic. Perhaps we should be more concerned with what “we” (ahem, the Christian right) read into things – I believe that tells us more about ourselves than anything else.

Here’s the commercial – view it – share it – show the world:

(sorry about the ad at the end – it was the only video I could find)

P.S. – This controversy has gotten leagues of people in an uproar about our nation’s politics (finally!). While I don’t agree we need a PG version of this ad, it’s really disappointing that it takes something like this to critique the government while men and women serving our country are dying daily. There – I said it.

The controversial Brooke Sheild’s ad from 1981 after the jump . . .

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