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Around The Way Girls x Made Me Clothing Giveaway!

If Madonna were an ATWG……..WhatWouldMadonnaDo? Answer this question to win this stuff from Made Me:
-A MadeMe Plaid Motorcycle jkt
-Pair of MadeMe DownLo jeans
-The Sleeveless MadeMe hoody
-And one of the above MadeMe Fall 08 tees -the adorable James Blagden
Collab James Blagden, who also designed the ladies on the Cover of
“Strike a Pose” or the sexy WWMD?)

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3 Responses to “Around The Way Girls x Made Me Clothing Giveaway!”

  1. Sherrin says:

    If Madonna was an ATWG she would Vogue down the block on her lowrider bike.

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Sherrin! Very nice! Please submit your answer to Around The Way Girls!

  3. I love this brand… if she was a atwg madonna would be a born again virgin!!!


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