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Won’t You Be My Vantasy?

I have had dreams of one day owning and operating my own 70’s fantasy van. After seeing this badass piece of van-tastic machinery on a recent visit to NYC, I kinda want one even more. It was one of those super late night NYC moments, walking home solo on a hot hot NY night after just hitting up the bodega for a late night snack and there it was…like walking into a brick wall of rainbows and marshmellow (ok, I know that sounds funny a “brick” wall of…you get it, right?), like being slapped up the side of the face with the cutest and softest kitten, and then being hit over the head with a cupcake (I know this sounds crazy), there it was…Perhaps someone out there knows what’s up with this ride? Let’s us know if you know, ya know?

See all the hot detail shots after the jump!

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3 Responses to “Won’t You Be My Vantasy?”

  1. sasha says:

    All I can say is- a Queen and Heart album cover themed glitter van?!?! I need to know the genius behind this.

  2. BLB BLB says:

    Oh DAMN!I I caught the Heart but not the Queen!!! Insane.

  3. Zera says:

    That is without a doubt the WAY cooolest ride anyone is ever likely to see ever!!!
    (is it possible to have a wet dream about a vehicle???)


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