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What’s Old Is New Again! Erica Weiner Shoe Clips

erica weiner shoe clips

I am so tired of hearing how badly the economy is doing but I think we’re all beginning to feel it a little.  If you’re tightening your purse strings this can be a disappointing time because you may spend a little less time shopping.  No worries, we’ve got your back.  We know that everyone needs to splurge on themselves once in a while – why else are we put on this earth if not to shop?  You just need to be a bit more clever about what you spend your money on.

Enter,  Erica Weiner Shoe Clips.  For only $25 a pair, you can update your look – without having  to buy a new pair of shoes.  All you have to do is attach the clip to your shoe and voila, new shoe!  Erica Weiner offers several varieties including rosettes, bows, tortoise shell, “belted”, art-deco inspired – there’s something for every taste.  Some are casual, some are dressy – it all depends on what look you’re going for.  You can purchase them online here.  Ms. Weiner also designs and makes jewelry as well so check it out on the site.  All of her pieces are hand-made and she uses vintage materials so all pieces are “limited.” You don’t have to stop spending to look chic, just spend wisely!


More of my favorite looks after the jump . . .
erica weiner shoe clips
erica weiner shoe clips
erica weiner shoe clips

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One Response to “What’s Old Is New Again! Erica Weiner Shoe Clips”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Oh My! These are beyond gorgeous! I’ve been using clip-on earrings on some black flats I have…but since they’re not shoe clips, they tend to fly off!


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