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We Got The Beat: The Ferocious Few

I was shopping in Downtown SF a couple of weekends ago. The sun was shinning, as much as it does during a summer in San Francisco, and I happily came upon these two gents. I stopped and had a listen. I enjoyed what I was hearing and seeing but had to keep on schedule so kept moving. After I finished my shopping list and headed back to the streets, there they were again! The had moved locations and set-up in front of The Gap. Since I was done with my “chores” I was able to hang for a bit, take it all in and shoot this little video…which makes me giggle watching all the people walking back and forth..cinematographer, I am not.

Read more and peep the video after the jump!

I was pleaseed to learn that I was enjoying the sounds of SF’s The Ferocious Few. This local duo has being doing it for a few years. Consistanting of Fransisco Fernandez (guitar, vox) and Daniel Aguilar (drums and drum machine), they had my attention instantly and it’s not just because they are both rather handsome fellows. Their sound is good and their, err…aaa, sidewalk pressence is captivating. Aguilar looks like a rubberband man on the drums and Fernandez vocals are sexy and slightly mysterious. Ok, who am I kidding, I am not a music review writer. I know what I like and hope you’ll enjoy it too. Myspace ’em here.

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2 Responses to “We Got The Beat: The Ferocious Few”

  1. gabriela says:

    just had to let you know how happy it makes me when others hear what i hear, and are moved. i am francisco’s mother and i am so happy you appreciate daniel and francico’s music. we love you.
    rock on and thank you for posting them on your page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BLB BLB says:

    Thank-you Gabriela for checking us out and commenting!! I really did like what I was hearing that day and look forward to hearing more!! xoxo, Liz 😉


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