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We Got the Beat: Millie Small

In the early ’60s and at the age of 15, Little Millie Small made British pop music history by giving Island Records its first major hit with her remake of “My Boy Lollipop.” In the U.S., she was dubbed “The Blue Beat Girl,” a reference to the genre of music from Jamaica that evolved into ska (and a term which would give us the legendary ‘Blue Beat‘ record label), which would eventually give us the reggae we know today.

Millie was one of the few female performers to be involved in the music that grew from the Caribbean islands and she should not be slept on!

So check out “My Boy Lollipop” below and get more Millie after the jump!

My personal favorite Millie Small track: Bluey Loey

“Oh Henry” music video

Now learn to skank!

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2 Responses to “We Got the Beat: Millie Small”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    so good! thanks!

  2. The Hotstepper the hotstepper says:

    my early chidhood love for millie small begat my love for cyndi lauper. the unique voices!


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