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We Got The Beat: DJ Mark Marcelo Presents “Scrunchies and Headbands”

scrunchies and headbands mix

I got a copy of DJ Mark Marcelo‘s latest mix, Scrunchies & Headbands, today and I popped it in my cd player as soon as I got it and I love it! The mix, which is appropriately named, is a slew of your favorite 90s R&B songs with everything from SWV, TLC, Mary J. Blige, En Vogue, Aaliyah, Jade and many many more greats. DJ Mark Marcelo says it’s “a tribute mix to mid-90s R&B. Some call this era nineties new-wave R&B – when girl groups slowed down new jack swing with a more sassy and empowered sexual attitude.”

He originally made the mix for some lady friends but it became so popular that he’s decided to share. I’m so glad! I found myself singing along to most of the songs with the occasional squeal of joy when you hear a song that you haven’t heard in forever but that you love so much. It’s even hard for me to sit still as I write this and listen to the mix. The Scrunchies & Headbands mix takes me back to a time of crushes and school dances, to overalls (one shoulder hooked of course) and Tims. It makes me want to dance around my apartment. It’s that good – and the interns agree. We listened to it a few times today and they all want copies. You can get yours here – it’s definitely worth the $8. If you’re skeptical, you can download a 20 minute preview – once you hear it, you’ll get sucked in and buy it for sure.

The official release parties for the Scrunchies & Headbands mix are going down this week:

San Diego – July 10th at U-31 in North Park.

San Francisco – July 11th at Azul.

Full track list after the jump . . .

scrunchies and headbands track list

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3 Responses to “We Got The Beat: DJ Mark Marcelo Presents “Scrunchies and Headbands””

  1. Nina says:

    Page not found =(

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    sorry, the direct link to paypal didn’t work for some reason. i linked to his web page – the link to paypal and the 20 minute preview is there. hope that helps!

  3. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    That 20 minute teaser was fun and it definitely took me back to my “scunchies and headbands” days…I dig the throwback look of the packaging, too!


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