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Time Magazine – 100 Olympic Athletes To Watch

Lately, I’ve been seeing so much Olympic-inspired product on the web, and news on how preparations are going in Beijing, but not so much on the actual games.  This week I was flipping through Time Magazine and noticed that they have a piece on 100 Olympic athletes to watch.  There are a number of women on that list, from many countries, playing many different sports.  These are all ladies who are “making history” in their own sport and their stories are inspiring.  To read more about these incredible athletes check out the piece here.

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One Response to “Time Magazine – 100 Olympic Athletes To Watch”

  1. lady coveted says:

    i saw that issue, but i just couldn’t help but tho think that the lady on the cover, who’s 41 is on loads of steroids. what is up with sports today?


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