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The New Hypercolor

american apparel thermochromatic tee

Hypercolor was a brand that came out in the 80s that made clothes that changed color with temperature change and it’s one of those brands that screams 1980s.  I still have mine at home somewhere though I’m not sure if it still works.  If you weren’t around in the 80s, or if you were but don’t still have your Hypercolor, no worries, there are a few brands that are adding hyper to their color.  Anzevino & Florence have been using color change fabric for some time, as well as Cassette Playa.  The newest brand to hop on the color change wagon is unsurprisingly, t-shirt giant American Apparel.  The “thermochromatic” tees retail for $34 and are available online here.

Pics of the original inspiration and the Anzevino & Florence version after the jump . . .


anzevino and florence

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