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Swindle Issue 17: Betty Boop Turns Cholita!

Swindle Magazine is, hands-down, one of my favorite magazines. Every issue is packed with culture, lifestyle and visuals that are informative and stimulating.

Issue #17, is no different. Among the many articles in this issue, Swindle brings us East L.A.’s obsession with all things Betty Boop! The cover story by Camille Lowry, Betty Boop Born & Praised in L.A., delves into the Betty Boop phenomenon with the Chicano Youth of East Los Angeles. The article makes some interesting points:

Colin Gunkel of the Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA points out that Betty “looks a bit like a chola. She resonates with a style that’s perhaps more cha-cha than chola.?

Colin believes that Betty was appealing because she was able to successfully negotiate the good girl being bad. He says, “She’s racy, sexual and flashy without compromising her morals, which are the competing demands of our culture.?

You can read the rest of the article at or pick up issue #17 at your local Borders.

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