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Skin It Patterns

Examples of patterns you can choose from on Skin It.

A little while back we let you in on Colorware – a company that makes color cases for your technology. It’s a great product, but the price can be pretty steep. I just heard about another company that offers a similar product for a fraction of the price – Skin It. For less than $30, you can cover any one of your gadgets including phones, computers, printers, calculators, personal game consoles and PDAs. They have lots of interesting patterns for you to choose from, or you can make your own custom design. Skin it is a 3M product that “assures photo quality imaging, residue free removal and air bubble free application. . . .
Skinit Skins provide a thin, photo quality protective membrane, buffering your device from occasional nicks and scratches from every day use.” Not only do they provide a protective coating, your electronics will stand apart from the rest.

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