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Say WHAT?!?!: Booty Pop Panties

Shake what ya mama gave ya! Or shake what ya mama bought you cause maybe big ole booty just doesn’t run in your family. Either way I laughed out loud when I say an ad for, I had to check it out, I admit I was curious…and it’s not cause I’m in the market for some booty pop, thank-you very much! There have been derriere enhancing undergarments for years and then there’s always the more permanent solution, going under the knife and getting some booty implants…But panties that pop that booty and have names like “white vanilla marshmallow”, “lemon jellybeans” and come in sizes “sweet”, “sweeter” and “sweetest”…well that gets my attention. And really, why even mess around with 3 sizes…go “SWEETER” or go home. But on the real though ladies, love what you got and work with what you have, beauty isn’t based on the size of your booty. word.

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