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Say Good-Bye to an NY Institution

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

End of an Era

Say it ain’t sooooo! I nearly fell off my legs as I was walking and reading the e-mail that came to my phone today. I had to double check the date to make sure it wasn’t in fact April and someone was tryna make a fool out of me. Alas, it is clearly well into July and yes, it’s true Judi Rosen’s shop, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is shutting it’s doors after 8 years. This weekend, starting Friday, a 3 day closing party will begin and bargains will be had, ice cream provided by Heartschallenger will be on hand for licking and good-times will be happening…and maybe a tear or two. BUT I’m thinking this isn’t it…maybe just a change of name or location or something. Somethings are too good to be gone and what Judi Rosen has done with GBU over the years is certainly one of those things. Get up on it ladies!

After 8 years
The Good The Bad & The Ugly
is shutting its doors!
***NO FEAR***
Judi Rosen New York
will live on

3-day closing party
featuring booze, babes, and bargains

7/11 – 7/12
1pm – 8pm
Friday, July 11
Deep discounts, samples and other goodies from past seasons.
Free champagne
treats provided by
Heartschallenger ice cream truck.
Featuring DJs Billy and Lil’ JR

Saturday, July 12

Heartschallenger ice cream truck
Jams courtesy of
J Penry

Sunday, July 13
4-7 pm
We’ll be grilling, chilling, and swilling!
Sam Jayne and Ivan Sunshine of Love as Laughter

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