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Rumors, Rumors: Vivienne Westwood Enjoyed “SATC”

vivienne westwood sex and the city

A few weeks ago the internet was goin’ nuts with rumors that Dame Vivienne Westwood, the designer of the infamous SATC wedding gown, hated the movie and found the fashion uninspiring. I was a bit surprised when I read it, especially because the designer’s own gown plays such a big role in the movie. Was she saying that her own design was also not memorable? Well, folks, just because they say it, doesn’t make it true! British Vogue got the inside scoop from the designer herself about her thoughts on the film . . .

I stayed throughout the film, and was overjoyed to see Sarah Jessica in her beautiful wedding dress; furthermore, I have been delighted to notice recently how well young girls are dressing, and that they have clearly been inspired by the film.

Don’t believe everything you read . . . unless you read it here :)

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