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Richie Rich Flying Solo – First Ever Album and New Shoe Line

Richie Rich - Photo from NYDaily News

Richie Rich keeps his eyes to the sky as he marches down his newly paved path!!! The Ex-Heatherette designer is flying solo, not only for his own fashion line, Rox and Riley, but straight into the Music Biz. Soaring full force, Rich will be dropping his first ever, compilation album, entitled Celebutante! Known as the ‘Club Kid’, he gathers artists to join in his scene including Scissor Sisters, Madonna, and Lil’ Mama . . . just to name a few. Keep a look out for the album that is expected to hit stores in September. But thats not all folks. Richie takes the name, Celebutante, and gives it to his new collection he’s designing, exclusively, for Hot Topic. That’s right! Anticipate it.

Now for his up and coming, shoe line, Rox and Riley, here’s a peak into the line’s launch party:

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    1. David says:

      Ohhhhhhh my wow I am soo exited about this new Richie Rich project do you know the release date for his Hot topic line? thanks for your post I love the website how fun. Hugs and kisses David!


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