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Prescriptives Custom Lip Color

prescriptives custom lig gloss

These days you can customize anything from sneakers to jewelry, and now you can even customize your lip color on the Prescriptives website. It sounds a bit more complicated than it is – there are no lab coats and color mixing. You can do it all online in an easy 3 steps. First you choose one of twenty-four base shades with colors in the following color families: Berry to Fuschia, Coral to Red, and Rose to Pink. Next, you choose a finish with options ranging from Full Color, Chrome, Luster, Glitter, Sheer Sparkle and Jelly. The final step is to choose a flavor with nine yummy options including bellini, tropical, vanilla, meringue, and latte. After these simple three steps – you’re done! And for $26, you get a lip gloss just the way you like it! The packaging is great too and looks a bit like a test tube – check it out after the jump

prescriptives custom lip gloss

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