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Fox News never ceases to amaze me with their racist rants. I have no idea where they find their correspondents – I just want to stay far, far away from wherever that scary place is. I just found out about this petition from Around The Way Girls that calls for Fox “News” (can they even really call it that?) to stop injecting racism and prejudice into their programs. They’ve managed to bring up lynching, the “terrorist” fist jab, the “angry black woman” stereotype and calling her Obama’s Baby Mama. ENOUGH!! Sign it here!

If you’re not convinced, check this out:

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  1. Em says:

    Oh my God, I’m actually horrified right now.

    I had no idea this is what went on on Fox news (seeing as I don’t get it over here) but someone needs to stop this. Why are they allowed to be openly racist on television?

    I want to laugh at the fact that they’re calling the fist bump a “terrorist” sign but it’s so ridiculous that it’s past being funny. How can Fox news REALLY question whether it has terrorist significance behind it and expect to be taken seriously? COME ON! People have been doing that “fist jab” thing for decades and they know it.

    As for calling Michelle Obama’s “baby mama”, well that’s just downright disrespectful. They would NEVER call a white woman someone’s baby mama.

    Someone get this shit off the air.

  2. lady coveted says:

    oh dear, you know this is the second time i’ve been out of the country for a big election, and i have to say, its’ so bizarre.

    but i have a feeling it’s going to get worse. the right wing never cease to baffle me.

  3. joshua Hickman says:

    If I have the resources, I could put together hate snipperts and clips of NBC and MSNBC that would look just as bad if not far worse.


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