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Nouns are In, Verbs are Out

As long as I’ve been reading fashion magazines, I’ve seen lists of what’s “in” and “out.”  I’ve always wondered what made the people writing the lists authorities on what is hot or not but I always took them with a grain of salt and read them more for amusement than for fashion advice.  Today, on The Moment Blog, I came across the funniest “In & Out” list I’ve ever seen.  It was created by Chris Moukarbel as part of his current art exhibit, appropriately named, IN/OUT.  I was happy to find that snapping was “in” and clapping was “out,” because I’ve been known to randomly start snapping to the music.  Really, I’m not kidding – just ask the interns – they make fun of me for it.

The Full In/Out List after the jump . . .

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