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More M.I.A! Sneak Peak of M.I.A.’s Clothing Line!

m.i.a. clothing line
A few month’s back we gave you a head’s up about M.I.A.‘s new clothing line. We just got some sneak peaks and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. From trademark M.I.A. tees to wildly printed hoodies, to lycra to fleece tops, each of the pieces has the M.I.A. mark on it. Think lots of color and patterns – definitely not for the shy! If music were clothing, I think these pieces are a good translation of the M.I.A. sound. I took some screenshots for you to look at and you can view the short film here. More shots after the jump!
M.I.A. clothing line

M.I.A. Clothing Line
M.I.A. Clothing Line

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