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Mirror, Mirror: Vans Sydnicate Exhibition in SF

vintage vans

The Lady G and I ventured out to the Vans Syndicate Exhibition in SF a week ago-ish (peep some par-tay action here). Seeing as it was a Vans event, I had to bust a move and rock some of the “Original Goods”. Nope these aren’t some rare-limited-hyper-tier0-color-way, these are just as I mentioned “Original Goods” circa the early, early 80’s. Peep the entire fit after the jump.

Photography: OHW2007

cubannie links jewelery


Attention to Detail…

Earrings: Cubannie Links

Blouse: Vintage India cotton goodness, The Goods!

Jacket: Vintage Patagonia Grid Man, Aaron Lacy

Jeans: Uniqlo

Bag: Vintage Laurel Burch, The Goods!

Shoes: Vintage Vans, Aaron Lacy

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2 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: Vans Sydnicate Exhibition in SF”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    What a lovely blouse, Liz!

    And explain these kicks to me, Liz…Is one aqua and the other purple or do they have an outer aqua and inner purple?! They’re pretty sweet (plus they remind me of slurpeeeeees)!

  2. BLB BLB says:

    hello lady lexx! yes to better explain das kicks, the inner is purps and the outter aqua, like a blue slurpeeeee, yes! yeeeeeeeeeeee!


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