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Mirror, Mirror: Inez’s Day In The “Kitchen”

mirror mirror shoes

Inez is one of the M.IS.S interns and she spends 3 days a week with me in the kitchen, I mean, M.I.S.S. HQ.  I figured we’d switch stuff up and show you all the cute outfits we see on the daily.  Inez came in looking this stylee without any warning of photos being taken. 

Here’s what she had to say about what inspired her outfit:

I was listening to Digable Planets and felt urban and sporty. But it was a hot and sunny day, so jeans were out of the question. I chose the bright, flowy skirt to celebrate summer and the Little Brown Girl tee with a vest for the sportyness. The heels were perfect because they weren’t too girly and are comfy to walk up and down the S.F. Hills. So basically, I was inspired by the music of Digable Planets and the summer day. 

Take a look at the rest of the outfit  after the jump. . .

Skirt: Silk Wrap Skirt, Ethnix
Tee: Little Brown Girl Tee by Little Brown Girl Clothing
Earrings: Neon Disco Earrings, Girl Props
Vest: Zip-Up Vest, Gap
Shoes: Loafer Wedges, No Question

little brown girl tee

mirror mirror

mirror mirror

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