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LA: Patton & Poling’s GlassHouse-Machine Project’s at GLOW Festival

Two of my favorite people have made magic. If you are in SoCal tomorrow night go witness it first hand. As part of the GLOW Festival, Bay Area artist’s Kamau Amu Patton and Suzy Poling have formed like Voltron to create a live musical video projection project. Here’s the scoop:

Glasshouse is a collaborative project between Kamau Patton and Suzy Poling dealing with lenticular glass, which embodies a 3D effect. This kaleidoscope like house explores how refracting, bending and stretching light can occur with special pieces of glass by moving and manipulating the material along with turning mirrored sculptural devices and using specific light sources with optical projections. These experiments open up the edges of light and shadow, which create an unusual perception of space and spectrum. These two artists have combined geometric design, light patterns, crystals, minerals, sparks, smoke and tonal sound frequencies into one piece that they would call, Sonic Sculpture.

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The Glasshouse is in a shape of a Greenhouse which will be installed outdoors relatively near the ocean, which is curated by Machine Projects. Patton and Poling will be performing a magical act demonstrational in the house along with musical compositions (Pod Blotz). They will perform at 9:30 and 12am. Between these two acts Nancy Garcia (NY) will play her sonic guitar and Ivanna and Ryan (from Boston’s Dreamhouse) will dance with their acoustic sound. Then everyone will join forces with a mega collaboration into the sunrise. One night only.

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