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Husam El Odeh Ear Cuffs

husam el odeh ear cuffs

Whether it’s Audrey or Coco, when I think of either of those fashion icons, I think of pearls and the elegance that they exude.  They are so simple and classic though, that sometimes they get a bad rap and can look too “good girl” or boring.  I recently saw the pearl confections by jewelry designer Husam el Odeh and I was instantly excited.  He’s taken the ubiquitous pearl and done some extraordinary things with them.  He’s made hoop earrings out of them and attached long strands to combs (to insert in your hair) and collars.  My favorite by far are his ear cuffs that he created in collaboration with Marios Schwab, that are meant to be worn behind the ear.  They are elegant pieces of jewelry that outline the outer part of your ear – very sexy!   They’re at once a nod to the classic, but so new, so different, that there is no way these pearls can ever be boring.  You can view his other styles online on Husam el Odeh’s website.  With Karl Lagerfeld on his client list, I can only wonder if the 2 would do a project for Chanel????


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  1. BLB BLB says:

    gimme, gimme, now! my ear’s just can’t handle it!!!


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