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Here we go yo, here we go yo…

So what so what so what’s the scenario?!

It’s what’s kickin’ off this Friday at Milk Bar, where you can peep the Bay Area’s only female breaking crew EXTRA CREDIT KRU! Check the details below:

On Blazt! and Skratchpad introduce “Scenario”, a new weekly hosted by the Milk Bar. Featuring an attractive line-up of dj’s, emcee’s, dancer’s and graf writers, both new and old-skool, Scenario pays homage to Hip Hop by spotlighting a different element every week.

Help kick off the party Friday July 11th and stay tuned week after week to find out just the “Scenario” each Thursday!

More info after the jump!

“Scenario” the Jumpoff
Friday July 11th
Milk Bar, SF

Hosted by: Ourkasaki (Zulu Nation)
DJ’s: Apollo (Triple Threat)
Celskiii and Deeandroid (Skratchpad)
Dj Crykit (SOTU)

with live art by: Crayone and BOSS crew
and bgirl showcase from Extra Credit Kru

$5 before 10:30pm
rsvp www. going. com/thescenario

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