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Green Chic

green m&m
When I was growing up, the only “green” reference was that green was the “horny” color – especially when it came to m&m’s. I don’t know how this rumor started, but somehow green become equated with horniness. These days, when I hear “green” it conjures up something very different. Thoughts of the environment, recycling and being responsible come to mind. It seems a “green” alternative is popping up for just about everything. Face it, green is the future, and some ladies are taking note. Here are some of our favorite websites that focus on all things green: Eco Stiletto, Eco Fabulous and Green, Grown and Sexy. Check them out for tips on how to be more green conscious – not the horny kind!

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2 Responses to “Green Chic”

  1. Justine says:

    I heard that too. How weird. They say green apples make you horny. Haha. Ever hear of that one??

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    No, never heard of the green apple one. Green apples can be tart . . . I wonder if that’s the reference for it? Hahaha.


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