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Eye of The Tiger: Animal Instincts “Press-On” Eyeshadow Kit

color on leopard eyeshadow
It seems that nails aren’t the only thing you can “press-on” these days. Now, you can press-on your eyeshadow. Forget about all the brushes and shading – now all you have to do is choose a color, press it on, and voila, you’re done! Color On offers several kits to choose from, including my favorite, the animal instincts kit which includes zebra, leopard and camouflage patterns.  If you like what you see, you can find the kits at Sephora or online here.

Other patterns after the jump . . .

color on zebra eyeshadow
color on camouflage eyeshadow pattern

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2 Responses to “Eye of The Tiger: Animal Instincts “Press-On” Eyeshadow Kit”

  1. Jamilee says:

    My aunty used to send me similar ones from the Philippines, I’m glad I can get it somewhere local now! Thanks for the tip<3

  2. lady coveted says:

    dang, that’s hot! i need that!


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