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Cream Summer Scratch & Sniff Tees!

cream nyc
Earlier this year we posted about Cream, an adorable line of ladies’ tees that are scented. Cream just released a new batch of tees and they are as cute and yummy smelling as ever! There are 3 mini-collections: Marin de Cream, Creamy Sweetness and the Signature Series. My favorite is the Marin de Cream – a nautically inspired series of tees that smell, appropriately enough, like coconut! Who doesn’t love the smell of coconut tanning oil? That scent always brings me back to the beach. Creamy Sweetness smells just like it sounds and the tees are kawaii and smell like strawberries. The Signature Series is some of the most popular styles re-issued in different colors. You can get the tees online at Karmaloop. Happy Scratching & Sniffing!

marin de cream
Marin de Cream – smells like coconuts!

See the rest after the jump . . .

cream nyc
Creamy Sweetness – smells like strawberries!

cream nyc
Signature Series – smells like from left to right: raspberry, air freshener, and vanilla

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