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“Beautiful as Aphrodite, Wise as Athena, Swifter than Hermes, and Stronger than Hercules”

wonder woman

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I love Wonder Woman. I had the underoos as a kid and on any summer day you’d find me spinning around my backyard warding off evil with my imaginary wrist cuffs. Wonder Woman has had many reincarnations and her latest is for an animated DVD movie called, not surprisingly, Wonder Woman. The animated movie is set to release in February 2009 and Keri Russell is providing the super heroine’s voice. Explaining the plot of the film, Russell stated: “The movie tells the Amazon princess’ origin story. ‘She’s a true, strong warrior, but she’s also right at the break of being a young woman standing on her own and fighting out in the world,’ Russell says.”

We’ve seen a resurgence of Superhero movies lately including Iron Man, The Hulk and now The Dark Knight. There have been rumors for years about a film version of Wonder Woman but it seems the project keeps stalling. So, I’m taking some time out to say: Please get that project up and running! Girls can be super too! In this time when girls are bombarded with poor role models, from The Bratz to Britney, we need Wonder Woman to come back to show young girls that ladies can be beautiful, strong, powerful and independent. Please start making less movies about cheerleaders and drama queens, and focus on empowering young women. If you make it, they will come.


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3 Responses to ““Beautiful as Aphrodite, Wise as Athena, Swifter than Hermes, and Stronger than Hercules””

  1. Nina Parks says:

    Amen to that GDK i used to have a wonder women note book and tee shirt that i used to rock all day! i still write on wonder women stationary.

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    OMG Diana! Thank you! This deserves it’s own post! I’ll get it up asap!!

    P.S. – love the name 😉


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