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Eating Cake: A Girls Guide to Surviving the Credit Crunch

Uuuuugh, I hate money, I love money. It is a necessary evil to say the least. And for real though, C.R.E.A.M., Cash Rules Everything Around Me, there has never been a statement more true. I just had a meeting with a potential financial planner yesterday. The signs of being an adult, a full-on grown-up become more and more obvious everyday (and I ain’t talking wrinkles and grey hairs, thank-you very much!). But I’ve got dreams baby, goals set out and most of it starts with the financials. A friend sent along a link to this new site Eating Cake, ‘A Girls Guide to Surviving the Credit Crunch…

What I loved about it instantly is the way she (Sarah Fong) “speaks” to the read. Easy to understand and fun to read…something that really speaks to us ladies that can’t get enough Louis, Gucci or even Kicks and shares with us ways to keep things in perspective, get the goods for deep discounts, or pinch pennies to make things happen. She shares tips in categories of wardrobe, beauty, friends, travel, home and has a blog where she up-dates with suggested reading materials…she kind of makes thinking about our money situations fun…what a wild concept. Here’s a a little taste:

In a credit crunch, making mistakes can turn a bag lover into a veritable bag lady. Those lattes and catwalk-copy frocks are more expensive than they seem. We need to train ourselves from being dazzled by what really is just daily bread and start focusing on the cake. Cake is lovely, cake is special, cake is worth waiting for.

Amen! I’d be a liar I I said I’ve never taken a fashion que  from a bag lady (hey, fashion is where you find it and sometimes best found outside the “box”) but being a bag lady…that’s a different story. Here’s a little bit from Ms. Fong herself:

This is presented as a girls’ guide to surviving the credit crunch and is designed to be an informative and entertaining resource, supported by a community forum and some sporadic ramblings on my blog. I hope that you enjoy it and if you do, I would be hugely appreciative if you:

– Sign up to the forum (even if only to make me feel like I have friends – in fact, the very reason why I resist facebook).

– Distribute the link to your real friends.

Get it right, get it tight ladies…that’s advice for your financials as well as your ‘ms. new booty’, heeeeey!

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One Response to “Eating Cake: A Girls Guide to Surviving the Credit Crunch”

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow – thank you so much for the great write-up! Am really amazed to find myself on a US blog – the power of the Internet! If you have any advice on how I can make the site speak more to an international audience, I would be really interested. I know that it is very UK/London-centric at the moment.
    Also love the energy and pulse of your site. I will most certainly be checking the calendar for my next trip Stateside.
    Very best and many thanks, Sarah x


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