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A glimpse into the home of…

…take a quick guess…

…now find out who this home belongs to, after the jump!


Did you guess right?! Were the Murakami pillows a big enough hint?

Did you think “WTF!” when you connected The Jetsons and Kanye? …okay, that was just me.

Anyway, Interior Design Magazine did a piece on Kanye’s Los Angeles home a few month back. You can check it out here!

Via MadeByGirl

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3 Responses to “A glimpse into the home of…”

  1. loli says:

    wow his house was over the top fresh …. if i was a rich girl i guess???

  2. E'Jae says:

    I’m not surprised ‘Ye has a home such as this. My first thought was Pharrell.

  3. ms.rea says:

    yay my first choice was Ye lol


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