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20 Questions With Hercules & Love Affair

hercules & love affair

Hercules & Love Affair with Carolina Amaris

Hercules & Love Affair with Carolina Amaris

What better way to introduce myself than through an interview with Hercules & Love Affair for the M.I.S.S Crew blog. With pop, R&B and rap music dominating the airwaves it’s refreshing to know that people are appreciating this new but “classic? sound. When I got a chance to meet the band backstage before they went on at the Mezzanine in San Francisco I witnessed how relaxed and comfortable everyone was with each other. Andy sat and drank mate tea, while Kim Ann and Nomi giggled and checked their cell phones. I also got to meet the supporting members of Hercules & Love Affair. It really struck me to see how much individuality and personality each member has and yet when they got on stage there is complete synchronicity, enticing energy and an amazing stage presence.

I was hypnotized by Nomi’s ability to seduce the crowd, Kim Ann’s welcoming presence (its no wonder both boys and girls crush on her) and the way Andy holds it down – duh, he’s the maestro!

I put together a series of questions with you, the M.I.S.S Crew audience in mind, which I asked the group before they went on stage.

Read the interview after the jump . . .

When and where was Hercules & Love Affair created?
Hercules & Love Affair was born out of my songs, some of which were written 5 years ago, but I found the name almost two years ago.

The first single “Blind? has been a massive hit. How is everyone dealing with this sudden fame?
Kim Ann
: Really, it was weird and so trippy. I knew for Andy, that Blind would be big, but I didn’t know what that meant or how that would feel and what happens after such a hit. The attention is crazy! I’m so happy for him, and for me, having the opportunity to be involved. Blind was out in Europe first and all press was there, while I was in NY. I felt like I was just hearing a story about my friend’s band. I wasn’t feeling it until we went out there and I saw our faces in all the magazines and saw people excited to see us, singing along to the songs…its so rewarding.
Nomi: Its all very exciting. Its great to know that people appreciate good original music. I think it inspires us all to keep doing what we do.

How much of collaboration is Hercules & Love Affair?
: I thrive off of collaboration whether it is with singers, musicians, dancers designers etc. I learn a lot through the process and will continue to do so in the future.

Kim Ann putting eyeliner on before the show

Kim Ann putting eyeliner on before the show

Nomi and Kim Ann "Finger Bangin'" before the show

Nomi and Kim Ann "Finger Bangin'" before the show

How does everyone prepare before a show?
Kim Ann
: Nomi and I do warm-ups with perverted singing, like “I feel it in my p**sy yes I do, I do!? I drink a red bull. Sometimes we act silly and do jumping jacks. Andy gives Morgan, the keybordist a lap dance, sometimes I take silly pictures. The horny boys are blowing their horns. We get very silly before a show.
Nomi: Kim Ann and I finger bang our Blackberry’s for about half an hour before a show while doing perverted vocal warm-ups.
Andy: I drink mate and dance around.

The lyrics to “Blind? are very personal and go back and forth from optimistic to uncertainty. It is definitely a contradiction to the songs upbeat disco beats. Was this done purposefully?

Andy: Yes it was done purposefully.*

In 5 words describe how all of you would like Hercules & Love Affair to be perceived?
Kim Ann
: Classic, aesthetic, emotional, dance, music.
Nomi: Fleetwood Mac meets Jem & The Holograms.
Andy: Sincere. Joyous. Positive. Open. Boogie.

“Blind? & “Hercules Theme? have been used on all the Parisian catwalks even on the Chanel website twice in a row, has the free swag started rolling in?
Kim Ann
: We did start getting free stuff here and there. Not yet from Chanel, but ill accept all nice things with open arms. OAK gave me an entire wardrobe. Thank you OAK NYC!
Nomi: I’m still waiting for my McQueen and my Lacroix.

Nomi, you have a history of being a performer. What is different about the Hercules and Love Affair stage than all the others?
: There’s an amazing synergy between the entire band. There are a lot of us on stage so I feed off of all the energy. It inspires me to dance and explore the freedom of the stage.

What does everyone do to unwind?
Kim Ann:
A drink is nice… and when I get back to our hotel a super hot shower.
Nomi: Xanax.
Andy: I go to the gym or take a bath to relax.

The Bangee Oversized tanks, who’s behind this fabulous idea?
: Shayne our dancer has a label called Hood by Air. He and I have worked in tandem to design a bunch of gear.
Kim Ann: I love them. People want them so bad. They will be available for sale in the future as our merchandise.

Now that your Homo Fashion icons are their any major fashion or cultural icons that have inspired all of you?
Kim Ann
: Milli Vanilli, our dancer/ designer Shayne, banjee boys, boy London…
Nomi: I’m inspired by Angelina Jolie’s maternity wear.
Andy: Miss piggy, beefcake athletic model guild shots, at the moment Cali skate punk thrasher magazines ala the accused, jfa, the big boys.

Kim Ann, I heard that when you lived in San Francisco you were in a band. What was it called and why did it end?
Kim Ann
: I was in a 2 man experimental electronic band called “toobit?. It ended because I moved to NY.

What was everyone doing before Hercules and Love Affair?
Kim Ann
: I used to DJ, bartend, throw parties (mad clams @the hole, miss piggy says) and I have a line of jewelry inspired by family shields.**
Nomi: I was making music and performing at clubs in NY.
Andy: I was waiting tables, training and writing.

Andy where do you see the sound of Hercules and Love Affair evolving too?
: Always rhythmic always emotional. That is where it will remain always musically.

What’s the one thing that you won’t go on stage without?
Kim Ann
: My camera, I like to take a picture of each crowd.
Nomi: A 5-inch heel.

Nomi what’s the most un-glamorous part of touring?
Nomi: Traveling. It can get pretty tedious and uncomfortable.

Are there any POP Icons out there you would all like to collaborate with?
Kim Ann
: I would like to collaborate with Madonna – circa “Justify my love? – in bed. Haha..
Nomi: Timbaland and The Neptunes would be fun!

Who’s the biggest Diva in the group?
Kim Ann
: Nomi, because she better work!
Nomi: I think it’s between the trombone player Jason & the drummer Guy. They are both Prince’s that require special care.
Andy: I have to say, I think its between me and Nomi.

How does everyone get along? Group Therapy?
Kim Ann:
Totally group therapy. Honestly we all get along well. Everyone is so supportive and sensitive to each other.
Nomi: Kim Ann, Andy and I sit in grass and absorb energy from trees whenever we can.

Where does everyone see themselves in 5 years?
Kim Ann
: Happy still doing what I’m doing, I’m having so much fun and learning so much, I’m addicted. I love it.
Nomi: On a much bigger tour bus.
Andy: Still making music.

* New York Times, Party Titans, Updating Disco’s Sound. June 22, 2008 “‘Blind’ was about growing up a gay kid, my immediate family and social group rejecting me, and asking why I was born into this situation,? he wrote in an e-mail message. “But knowing that as soon as I could escape, I would, and that I would find freedom and solace.?
** Kim Ann Foxman’s line can be found at Look Boutique.

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6 Responses to “20 Questions With Hercules & Love Affair”

  1. BLB BLB says:

    Love it!!!! so, wish I could have gone to the show!!

  2. JAS says:

    You really capture the vibe and their energies. Amazing! Love it!

  3. Gabriella GDK says:

    This looked like a lot of fun I wish I could have gone!!

  4. Boris Bertrand says:

    205! I was in this lower Manhattan club, deux ans trop tôt apparently!
    I wonder if Darshan Jesrani still rocks the basement anytimes there, he was great too…
    Ce groupe est pure jus, love it.

  5. James Gorman says:

    saw them at electric picnic in ireland – brilliant esp Kims vocals

  6. michael c says:

    I hope they record a version of Blind with Nomi’s vocal. Anthonys is brilliant, so is hers, different in their own way. But she is totally electric as a performer. Her voice soars


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