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Women Making History: Sheila Red aka Shred One

“You have to meet my friend Sheila,” a friend said to me a few weeks ago.

Now, I always try to surround myself with good people and learn to trust their judgment but it always intrigues me when friends say that I “have to” meet someone. Who is this person and what is it about them that makes their friends tell others they “have to” meet him or her?

…and then you meet them and their very energy makes you smile and you feel almost enlightened as you realize, “Ahhh, this is why I had to meet this person.”

That’s what went down with Sheila Red aka Shred One.

We were introduced and within an hour of meeting her, I said to myself, “People need to know about Shred One!”

So who is she? Get introduced to Shred One after the jump!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sheila Red aka Shred One was constantly surrounded and heavily influenced by music at a very young age as she tagged along with her record collecting brothers and cousins. In 1984, she found her life’s path when she met, and fell in love with Hip Hop. But it wasn’t until she moved to Brooklyn in ’98 where she began collecting records and learned the elements in their truest form. She began djing when she moved back to Los Angeles in 2004 and rocked parties like the infamous Root Down and Soul Sessions. Now residing in SF, she has since played alongside cutting edge artists such as Daz-i-Kue, 45 King, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Kim Hill, Blu & Exile, Medusa, & more.

Check the run-down:

Shred One recently did her thing with her fellow Bay Area lady DJs, Bay Area Sistah Sound (B.A.S.S.), at Everlasting B.A.S.S. If you didn’t catch her there, you can find her spinnin’ soul, hip hop, funk, disco, house, and instrumental face melters at Royale on Beatfix Tuesdays, Duplex on Solid Gold Wednesdays, & Shoe Biz on Haight St. Check the flyers below for more details:

So there you have a little on Sheila Red aka Shred One but that’s definitely not the last time you’ll see her name. This lady is making big moves and this is exactly why we featured her!

To stay up with Shred One’s gigs and happenings, check the sites below:

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8 Responses to “Women Making History: Sheila Red aka Shred One”

  1. crystal says:

    so proud of you, ma. you deserve only the best. love…por la vida.

  2. KdlC says:

    i love this girl… no LOVE LOVE this girl. she’s sunshine and heart mixed with phat beats. she’s got much LA LOVE….

  3. EK says:

    Yo this is my cousin right here!! Sheila, def proud of you!! We have a real talented family, and you’re proof of it right here!!

  4. mnk1er says:

    i remember that time we were heading out to somewhere in LA. I think we popped in a Roots joint and i said, “This song has saved me so many times…” you grabbed my hand and said, “YES! me too!” nice to be understood, thank you…so good to see you still on the rise with music as your catalyst. Create, sculpt, reform, mold, make history girl!!! keepin an ear to the clouds…C-A!!! AALLLLL DAAAAY!!!



  5. Ant Marshall of Lyricist Lounge says:

    DJ Jigga Jigga (inside joke), well what can I say…You’ve always been an inspiration to me, you helped me to fall in love with DJing, you helped me get to know the Bay, you’ve encouraged me to keep DJing, your always right there on the sideline when I’m DJing and as soon as I look your way your there to give me the wink and thumbs up approval AND just when my heads gets too BIG you tell me (right b4 my set) “DON’T FUCK UP FOOL…” how funny is that? Your the shit and I love ya…now show these fools why you deserve $600 a night, shit, per hour….LOVE YA KID….!!!

  6. glenn red says:

    you know you fell in love with music with that NKOTB cassette single that i got you. prouders koway. haha. garage session soon.

  7. eeeeeeh, not bad says:

    chop it up, sheila….chop it up (chopping hand motions…)


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