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We Got The Beat: DJ Zita & DMadness Present Golden Mixes Volume 1 – Soul Sisters and Brothers

dj zita & dmadness golden soul mix

You want some Soul and R&B? For all those Soul and R&B lovers out there, DJ Zita and Dmadness got a soul-stimulating mix for you. Let’s name a few of the favorites: Les Nubians, Sade, Jill, Alicia, Mary J, Common, Stevie, Luther, D’angelo, MC Lyte. What do you think? DJ Zita ,and her man Dmadness, got together and took these kings and queens of Soul and freshly blended it to create sugar for your ears. It starts off with an acapella – deep, flowing harmonies of local Funk/Soul artist, Femi, of Oakland. Then the gradual transition to Les Nubians and Jill seems to tie it all in. Personally, I was moved at every single joint that came on. One track after the other, I’d be either swaying, bobbing my head, or yelling “Ah I love this song!!!? So check it out, unless you haven’t yet, “Golden mixes Vol. 1: Soul Sisters & Brothers.? So now its time for you to try it out! Buy it online. Enjoy!!!

Tracklist after the jump . . .

golden mixes volume 1

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