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We Got the Beat: Darondo

Sexy never really left, it just went into hiding for 25 years. I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the smooth sounds of Darondo. Once upon a time, back in the day, you could find Darondo cruising the streets in his Rolls Royce, clad in funky fresh threads and a mink coat to match. And then he was gone. Thankfully he has come back into the public eye in recent years to share with us his sexy dance moves and on point advice for loving the ladies…fella’s pay close attention and take notes. You can purchase his “Let My People Go!” LP here and his “Legs” E.P. here. And befriend him on myspace here.

This past Friday night I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing him perform live in SF at The Independent. As part of the opening act for Orgone, he did his thang with Nino Moschella, backed by The Park. Here’s a little video from the night. Please note Darondo rocks Creative Rec’s…steeeeeeze for daze.

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One Response to “We Got the Beat: Darondo”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Oh man, I TOTALLY missed out on this show! I LOVE me some Darondo. I love that he’s finally getting some shine! Better late than never! Thanks for posting this! The man has got STYLE!


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