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Velvet Hour: Embrace The Night!

kate moss velvet hour

Last year, Kate Moss released her first fragrance with Coty simply called Kate. With the success of her first perfume now comes the launch of her second, Velvet Hour, named after Kate’s favorite time of day – dusk. The tag line for the fragrance is “Embrace the Night” – very fitting for the eternal party girl. The scent combines notes from “blue pepper, freesia and cashmere incense; heart notes of patchouli and nutmeg, and base notes of sandalwood, amber, ebony and wood.” Describing the inspiration for Velvet Hour, Kate Moss stated:

There’s that feeling — ‘Oh, nighttime’s coming again, thank goodness,'” Moss said in an interview at the event June 12. “It’s like a comfort. The whole feeling changes. The sun’s going away, you can go out. It just feels more comforting to me. And it is like velvet.

Velvet Hour is set to launch in September in Europe, the Far East, Middle East and Canada. No confirmed plans for a U.S. release yet but we’ll keep you posted.

I’m a fan of Kate Moss and think she’s a brilliant spokes model but my pet peeve about Velvet Hour is the bottle. For me, a huge part of falling in love with a new fragrance is the packaging. Perfume bottles historically have been beautiful and were pieces of art in their own right. When I look at this bottle though it reminds me of a cheap Britney Spears perfume. You can see a better picture of the bottle after the jump – what do you think??

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kate moss velvet hour

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