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Sat. June 7th: Everlasting B.A.S.S. @ Milk!

“…But you can’t get enough of everlasting bass!”

Once again my friends it is ON! The Bay Area’s PREMIER lady DJ crew, Bay Area Sistah Sound (B.A.S.S.), is about to hit you with the goods at Milk (1840 Haight St., SF) tomorrow, June 7th. Be there to support and they’ll thank you in return with giveaways from Mama, Mixerfriendly, & Frank Kissui Vodka drink specials and a $5 guest list! Send your name & email address to: to get on that list!

You won’t want to miss this month’s guest DJ—Shred One. You’ll be hearing a lot about this lady in the months to come so remember the name!

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