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The Wax Poetics Digital Download Site Has Gone Live!

I’m the resident WP reader/fiend (as opposed to WWD), so I had to share my excitement on this new musical experience, that is Wax Poetics Digital! The site has thousands of new releases and vital reissues available for download now! The tracks for sale, in digital format, will interest all Wax Poetics readers, as the stock spans Brazillian to breaks, Latin to lounge, and of course, plenty of classic and unearthed jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop (aaawwww yeaaaaah!).

Check it out now at!

Also, be sure to head out and celebrate the official launch of Wax Poetics Digital with two of my personal favorites, The Budos Band and the charming and talented, DJ Amir. Check the details:


Tracks from Wax Poetics Digital have been hand selected by the Wax Poetics Staff and are ready to be played tonight on the Record Rundown. The Wax Poetics Record Rundown broadcasts every Thursday from 10pm to Midnight on East Village Radio.

Check the details on that after the jump!



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