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The Phenomenology of Body by Daphne Guinness

phenomenology of body
Stills from the film The Phenomenology of Body, by Daphne Guinness, photos by Kevin Tachman

“I think woman’s perception of women is a kind of incredible mission.” Daphne Guinness

I’ve only heard Daphne Guinness’s name come up in society stories – she’s an extremely wealthy woman with pedigree and a penchant for couture. She can add film director to her list of accomplishments because of her recent debut of her short film, The Phenomenology of Body. She said the work was not intended to be feminist, but as a view of female archetypes that women are confronted with, and have been throughout history, it’s a bit difficult not to be considered feminist. In just a few minutes, Ms. Guinness is able to take us through the history of the “ideal” woman. From Eve to Joan of Arc, from a 1920s flapper to a 1950s housewife, we are confronted by our own stereotypes creeping up on us and informing our opinions. I thought the video was definitely worth a watch and an interesting way to challenge yourself and your views on women and what it means to be a woman today in our society.

Images & Info: NY Times Magazine

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