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The Duke Spirit: My Sunken Treasure Single Released Today

The Duke Spirit is my new favorite band. I heard about them a while back and I keep searching out new tracks to wrap my ears around. They released their second album, Neptune, back in April but today marks the day of their second single off of the album called, My Sunken Treasure. The Duke Spirit has a bit of a nostalgic sound to me – maybe because it’s free of heavy gimmicks and production – it’s just straight up good ol’ rock ‘n roll. I especially love Liela Moss’s voice – it’s sad, melancholic, haunting and strong all at once. I can listen to the Duke Spirit’s tracks over and over. I bet you will too . . .

Check out the video for My Sunken Treasure – I especially like it because a lot of it is filmed in the neighborhood I live in -viva North Beach!
My Sunken Treasure – The Duke Spirit in California

If you like their sound there are more videos after the jump . . .


The Step and the Walk Single – Promo Video – Directed by PR Brown.

Black and white Super 8 film made for The Duke Spirit song Souvenir by Jo Mccaughey. Filmed in East London 2005.

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