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The Deck Shoe

Every girl has one pair of shoes that they wear every day of every summer. Mine are always flat, and a little flashy. 2007 was all about the glitter-flecked, peep-toe jellies. And now that Summer 2008 is here (just about), i think it’s safe to say that I’ve finally found my annual summer shoe. The deck shoe is back.

First bought to the marine scene by Paul Sperry in 1935, the shoe has evolved from practicality to high fashion. Originally designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, the shoe has sustained its status as a leisure shoe since its birth and is now worn on and off the deck! Now popular labels, such as Timberland, have even embarked on their own version of the deck shoe.

I recently hooked myself up with an incredible red patent pair from Office in London. Retailing at £45 (appx $90), they’re not exactly the cheapest but, being the magpie that i am, i have a weakness for all things shiny. Especially if they’re red! They even have cute little anchors printed on the inside.

Check it out and get yourself some fly footwear!

I’m ready for the yacht decks and the French Riviera this summer. Are you? 😉

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