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Summer Lovin’: The Original Dr. Scholl’s Excercise Sandal

This Friday June 20th marks the first official day of Summer… which means it’s time for me to get a brand new pair of my favorite summer time accessory: the Original Dr. Scholls’ Excercise Sandal. The Original was launched in the US in 1968 and has been a favorite of mine and fashionista’s ever since. You might remember when the Orginal experienced a huge resurgence after Carrie Bradshaw wore the sandal in pink on “Sex and the City” few years ago.

The Original Dr. Scholl’s Excercise Sandal is a definite must have for the summer, it’s classic vintage look can be worn with just about anything and it fits any girls budget. Get a pair now for only $34 at the Dr. Scholl’swebsite.


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One Response to “Summer Lovin’: The Original Dr. Scholl’s Excercise Sandal”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    I love these! I got my first pair when I was 4 in Sicily when I went to see my family. Now, whenever I see them I think of summer in Sicily, sigh.


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