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Reading Is Fun-da-mental

powerhouse books sale

There are a great sales going on all summer but sometimes it’s good to take a break from getting clothes, shoes and accessories and get something that will increase your brain power!  Starting tomorrow through August 3rd, powerHouse books is hosting a sale on some its best selling books!  Some titles have up to 90% off sliced of off the price.  I am a nerd, I’ll admit it, I love books and can’t get enough.  I feel like I may  have to make a trip to NY just to take advantage of this sale.  Books make great gifts – for others and for yourself!  Head on down to the powerHouse Arena to take advantage of the sale!  And, remember, reading is fundamental!

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One Response to “Reading Is Fun-da-mental”

  1. justine says:

    You ain’t the only nerd. Haha. I love to read too and it’s a damn shame I’m over here in the west coast while such a sale is happening.


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