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Princesas Market Opens: Miss Van’s Official Online Shop!!

miss van
One of my favorite artists is Miss Van. The girls she paints are so iconic that she’s been copied many, many times. The themes and settings that her ladies are painted in change with each series, but her girls always have the haunted, mysterious expressions that captivate me. Lucky for us, now we can all get a little piece of the Miss Van world. I’m excited to announce that Miss Van has recently opened her own online shop, Princesas Market, where you can purchase postcards, prints, books and jewelry. The postcards and prints feature works from previous exhibitions Princesas, Bestial and Atame. The book is her first catalogue printed for one of her latest exhibitions, Atame, and is limited to 1000 numbered copies. The most exciting items I saw on the site were jewelry pieces that made by Katrin Bauer. The ladies chose “la biche” character as the main subject for the project and all of the pieces are sterling silver. I’m so happy that there’s finally a place online to get Miss Van stuff and it’s so hard to choose, I want it all!
miss van
More pics after the jump . . .

miss van
miss van

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One Response to “Princesas Market Opens: Miss Van’s Official Online Shop!!”

  1. gustavo orelha says:

    ai vc é sinistra…..conheço sua arte a bastante e tempo,e acho ela mto atual…parabens….paz


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