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Patricia Field is My #1.

Patricia Field

Patricia Field is one of “The 50 Most Powerful Woman in NYC� according to the New York Post (jun.3). She landed at #24 but in my heart she is always #1, so much so that when I use to work for Barneys New York many celebrities would come and go. However, it was not until I was in the presence of Patricia Field that I had to do the impossible, get her autograph (Hey! it was all I could do at the time). We as employees were not allowed to do such a thing, because we could loose our jobs. What’s a girl to do? I am from the Bronx N.Y. and we invented the word Sneaky, enough said! Check out this Current T.V. interview on Pat. Field.

P.S. If I ever go back into retail as a job the Patricia Field Boutique is going to be my 1st choice. In the mean time I am accepting gift cards. Hint Hint!

Patricia Field Boutique: 302 Bowery St. New York, N.Y.

You can view the video here.

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