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Olsen Twins Add Jewelry To Their Collection

olsen twins jewelry

The Olsen Aliens, I mean twins, have teamed up with Robert Lee Morris to launch a jewelry collection as part of their brand, Elizabeth and James.  The ladies decided on jewelry as their next target because of their love of baubles.

‘We both have a love for accessories and they’ve always been important to us from Day One,’ Mary-Kate said. ‘They can help make an outfit or make you feel different. Maybe a ring brings you good luck, or you got it as a present and it means so much to you. It’s a feeling that you get when you put on something that is special.’

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Robert Lee Morris has designed jewelry for an impressive list including Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein.  When asked what the experience was like, Morris stated:

There was this synthesis of what they both wanted and what we all felt was a great representation of their iconic image and my iconic image. So then we had design development meetings in my studio and it just got more and more exciting. They were very involved in every aspect of the collection, which was very gratifying. It wasn’t just me doing something and them accepting it. It was real teamwork.

The collection is meant to be mixed and matched and includes crosses, daggers, necklaces and earrings with turquoise, and thick metal rings and cuffs.  The pieces retail in price from $65 to $700 and will debut at Intermix stores nationwide.

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